Welcome to You and Your Child to The Healing Room


What To Expect at Your First Appointments


Please allow 40 min (under 10 year olds) to one hour (10 years+) for the first appointment.


During this appointment, your practitioner will use chiropractic and applied kinesiology assessment tools to conduct a comprehensive head to toe analysis of what’s going on in your little one's body.


Your second visit will be 30-40 minutes.


During this appointment, your practitioner will go through her findings from the initial consultation as well as your child's written Care Plan with you. They will also receive their first thorough check and adjustment… your child's real journey starts here!


Please allow 20- 40 minutes for each appointment following.


Remember that at each appointment your child will be receiving holistic care. Your practitioner will use a combination of chiropractic, applied kinesiology, neuro emotional technique, homeopathic remedies, nutritional support and natural supplements to address whatever is showing up in his/her body at the time. Helping them get to the most balanced, healthy, wonderful little being that they can be.


What Should You Bring


Bring with you any nutritional supplements or medications that your child is currently taking (or that you are taking if you are breastfeeding). Please bring the physical pills/liquids.


Also bring along any blood test results, medical reports or x-rays / imagings that you’ve had. Just ask your doctor’s office for physical copies if you don’t have them, or ask them to email them to us at admin@thehealingroom.co.nz.


What Will It Cost


The cost of the 1hour initial consultation for over 10 year olds is $220, and $174 for under 10 year olds (40min appointment).  The follow up Report of Findings visit is generally 30 mins and is $155 with longer appointments available if needed. Subsequent visits can range from 20min-40min depending on your child's individual needs and health goals. Please call our lovely team to discuss your specific needs.



Other Important Bits to Know


It’s best to book your little one's subsequent appointments at the time of each visit as the week’s book out fast and we want to ensure you get appointment times that suit you. Feel free to call prior to your appointment to check we are running on time.


The cancellation policy is two working days’ notice to cancel or change appointment times. If this notice is not given 50% of the appointment fee will be charged.


If you enjoy your health care with us, please never hesitate to spread the word. From newborn to elderly, there are ways we can help all ages. We exist by referrals alone; the more people we can help, the healthier we can make this country of ours.


How To Find Us


We are situated in the complex on the Hairini roundabout at 6/33 Hairini St, Hairini, Tauranga. The entrance to the complex is on Hairini St (it says Bus Access Only but you are allowed to drive through to the complex and the residences).


Once you turn into the driveway, continue past the medical centre to the large parking lot at the back of the complex. We are Unit 6 on the left. You’ll see our beautiful water feature out the front :)


We’re so looking forward to meeting you at your initial consultation! Feel free to get in touch on 07 544 1133 if you have any questions in the meantime.