The Secret to Longevity

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Longevity is more than just living a long life. It's also living well with vitality, joy, happiness, grace and unmarred by pain, disease, disability and stress as we age. 


Many ancient wisdom traditions have clear paths towards living long and living well. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is called “Yang Sheng” meaning the nourishing life tradition. 


According to the principles associated with Yang Sheng, we as individuals can choose to help OR harm our health potential. 


Of course, some circumstances such as trauma, environmental disasters and some disease patterns are outside our control. But in all reality, the majority of our health challenges are behavioural in nature. In other words, we choose to be well or unwell. 



So with that information we have the power to change our body trajectory and our life towards living long and living well. 


But where to start??


Firstly, disregarding and leaving behind the cultural admonitions or limiting beliefs such as “You are too old for that” or “What do you expect at your age?” or even “It’s just part of getting old”.


These ideas and cultural beliefs frequently interfere with living longer and can create restrictions in our options of life and even control the rate of our biological aging. 


Growing older is about our mind-body transitioning through time and space, where as aging/breaking down is the mind-body’s response to cultural and biological limitations it assimilates. 


We see centenarians all over the world defy disempowering cultural beliefs by living to 100 and often beyond. These individuals have shown us that resilience to these cultural beliefs - rather than genetics - are some of the most important contributors to their longevity. 


When we meet and engage with healthy centenarians, we realize they don’t fit the stereotype of their age, a key point in wanting to live a long healthy life to 100 & beyond.


So...what are the limiting beliefs holding you back from being your best, healthiest, most vibrant self on your way to 100 years young? Is it time to let them go?


x Dr Ally (DC)



Readings from Dr Martinez, Clinical Neuropsychologist