Books We Love and Recommend

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August 20, 2020
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September 4, 2020

We're incredibly passionate about continued education to enable us all to live our best lives and make the most informed and inspired choices we can for ourselves and our families. We often recommend books to our clients and have a beautiful library at the clinic for the enjoyment of all our clients.


We thought we'd start adding some books reviews in a blog post to make our recommendations available to everyone :) 


Below are a few of the books that we love and highly recommend. This will be a living blog post and we'll keep adding to this list to feel free to visit it often when you need inspiration! Most of the books we recommend here are available in our library :)


Period Repair Manual by Dr Lara Briden

Reviewed by Dr Kristy


I found this book to be a great read. Very informative with lots of practical tips and info that you can implement into your own life to support your hormones.  It runs through:

  • Understanding what hormones are and how they work
  • What a normal period should be like
  • Common menstrual problems explained including: PCOS, endometriosis and painful/irregular periods
  • Tips and tools to help you to have better periods

I highly recommend reading this book. Empower yourself by learning more about how your hormones work so that you can learn to work with them rather than against them. Check out Dr Lara Briden's blog and Facebook page too they're really informative!  



The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

Reviewed by Dr Tina


This book is a very significant book that changed my thinking regarding the processes of water forever. Dr Masaru Emoto examines metaphysical concepts under a microscope. Examining the beautiful water crystals leads us to a new way of thinking and a potential new way of healing.

In this book Dr Emoto takes high speed photos of frozen water to see the changes within the crystal formation. To create changes in these crystals he uses nothing but the power of specific, concentrated thoughts. For example, water exposed to love, hate, pollution, music and even water that is ignored. He found that water that was exposed to positive vibrations formed excellent, intricate, and colourful snowflake patterns. He shows the photos of this in his book.


In contrast, or water exposed to negative thoughts or polluted water, forms incomplete, lop-sided patterns with dull colours. In the photos in the book, its actually astounding how obvious this is. Sadly however, it is the water that’s been ignored that produces the most disfigured crystals. Linking in with us as humans and our behaviour:(

Overall Dr. Emoto’s findings support that by drinking water while holding a feeling of love and gratitude in your heart will help transform you forever. As it will not only improve the taste of the water, but also the effect that water has on your day. Simply by being in the presence of water and thanking it for its blessing, you are changing the world. Dr. Emoto says “the message of water is love and gratitude”. So why not all start signalling now?


Heart Minded by Sarah Blondin

Reviewed by Debbie


Healing. Heart-opening. Soul-centering. Coming home. Peace. These are the words that come to mind when I close my eyes and think about this book.

I discovered Sarah Blondin on the Insight Timer meditation app a few months ago and the first meditation I did of hers touched me to the core of my being and broke open my soul! It sounds dramatic but you will know what I mean when you do one of her meditations. When I learnt she had a book coming out I pre-purchased it and counted down the weeks until its release with as much excitement as my kids have counting down the days leading up to Christmas. 

Sarah Blondin is beautifully poetic in her writing but in a way that describes her message with crystal clarity. I would highly recommend downloading this book on Audible and listening to it rather than reading it because her voice is incredibly soothing and uplifting at the same time. She takes you through a meditation at the end of each chapter so I feel like you would be missing out if you only had a hardcopy of her book. The music she uses in her meditations often takes my breath away and forms a huge part of the experience.

I would definitely recommend finding Sarah Blondin on Insight Timer or on i-tunes as well as reading her book 💚