Measles – How to Protect Your Children

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September 2, 2019
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September 7, 2019
Are you feeling scared by all the talk about measles at the moment?
I have to admit that with all the media hype along with the measles-scared parents I encounter as a mother daily, I have allowed myself to feel a bit freaked out by this whole “measles epidemic“.
As a parent, our main driver is to protect our children. When this feels threatened, it is a totally helpless and disempowering place to be.
Feeling scared and helpless isn’t going to protect our children, so let’s talk being proactive so that we are truly doing something helpful for them.
Whether you're a parent of a vaccinated or unvaccinated child, we have one thing in common; we still need to boost our children’s immune systems so that they are strong against any disease they face.


A vaccination may provide extra protection against catching certain diseases, but once our kids catch these diseases, they still need strong immune systems to get through them. 
Wanting the best for our children is what we all have in common. So what can we do as parents to keep our kids strong, and to feel helpful and empowered as protectors of our kids' health? Try starting here…

1. Downtime is More Important Than We Realise


Make sure your children get enough sleep and rest. Our kids don’t need to be as busy as us, let them have downtime as they are growing and developing so fast.


Also, winter is meant to be a time where we slow down and get our energy back for the summer.


The faster our pace of life becomes, the more we will be susceptible to all these illnesses.


2. Digestion is Key


The healthier your child’s digestive system is, the healthier their immune system becomes.


So feed your child vegetables, protein and fats from wonderfully natural sources. Only give them water to drink, and use sugar and processed foods sparingly.


Breastfeeding your baby where possible is the ultimate in creating a healthy digestion, so make sure you as the milk producer are eating as above!


3. Support Their Primary Defences


Your child’s body need 2 things to kills the bugs as they enter the body: mucous membranes with both a good PH and a good flora balance. Throughout winter especially, you should work on these daily.


  • Put a Capful of apple cider vinegar into your child’s water before breakfast to lower the pH of the stomach, and
  • give your child a probiotic daily.

It’s nice to know that your child’s defences are active rather than half asleep!


Did you know that breastfeeding creates antibodies to your baby’s bugs? Montgomery glands are fascinating bumps around the nipple that detect bugs in the baby’s saliva so that mum can make antibodies for the baby. Isn't that amazing!?


Breastfeeding mums can take a probiotic safely while breastfeeding.


4. Make Sure They Have Enough Micronutrients


Make sure that their iron, zinc and vitamin D levels are high to allow their immune system to fire on all cylinders. Also make sure that their omega 3 intake is daily or supplemented. Vitamin A found in Cod Liver Oil is a key nutrient for getting through measles safely...our grandparents were onto something!


If your family lead a busy or rushed lifestyle try and counteract it (to an extent) by taking daily magnesium, vitamin C and B vitamins. Ask your practitioner at the healing room to check your child's need for the above nutrients.


Getting out into the sunshine as much as possible will help with Vitamin D levels too. 


5. Minimise Exposure to Toxins


The less you can let toxins into the body the better.


When it comes to your immune system it's importnat to purify your water and air. Buy a water purifier (even if it’s just a jug!), open the windows during the day and have plenty of indoor plants.


Also reduce radiation around your home. Studies have shown that bugs multiply faster where there’s more radiation!


Check out our blog Detoxing for Weightloss for some tips around detoxing through nutrition.


6. Take Time Off 


If you or your child gets sick, take time off work or school.


Even if it’s a simple cold or sore throat, listen to the small symptoms your body is giving you that you are run down and you can avoid getting the bigger scarier illnesses.


We know this totally goes against the current culture of popping some pills so that you can get on with your day. But truly, there is no advantage in pushing you or your child when the body is asking for recovery time.

Following these steps above will mean that you're giving your family the best chance of fighting any bugs that come their way.
x Dr Jolanta (DC)