Could a Pine Pollen Allergy be the Cause of Your Symptoms?

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July 17, 2020
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August 20, 2020
Well it’s that time of year again, and it seems to get earlier every year! There’s that faint tinge of yellow covering the outdoor furniture or front doorstep. So what is it? It’s the beautiful colour of the pollen produced by our mighty Pines.
To many it will just be an annoyance staining outdoor areas that need extra cleaning! But to others, pine pollen can cause life destroying symptoms which can last for weeks and leave them dreading this time of year.
So many people we see put it down to the flu until they discover through our applied kinesiology testing that its pine pollen taht their bodies are reacting to.
Online info advises that pine is not a very common allergen, but I personally don’t get hay fever any other time of year to any other pollen or irritant, yet pine just nails me!
So if you get the “flu” in July/August every year, think again. It may not be caused by what you thought and even better...there may be an easy remedy for you!


What are the symptoms of a pine pollen allergy?

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms below (especially if you notice a pattern around this time of the year), pine pollen could be the culprit:
  • Itchy eyes/nose/ears

  • Runny nose (bright yellow mucus)

  • Sinusitis parentheses (bright yellow mucus)

  • Deep productive cough (bright yellow mucus)

  • Exhaustion

  • Full body flu-like aches

  • Headaches

  • Upset tummy / nausea / vomiting

  • Skin rashes

How can you relieve symptoms of a pine pollen allergy?


So if pine pollen is the "culprit", why is it that some people react to it and some don't? Well, like all allergies, it comes down to how well our bodies are functioning internally. 


At the clinic we find our best results come about when we can combine “hands on care” with the remedies below. We love to check your spine so that your healing responses kick in to naturally diminish your symptoms. We also love to check which foods you need more or less of to balance your pollen reaction response - as always your food is your first medicine. 
If you haven’t had your nervous system checked recently, it would be a great idea to book an Immune Booster appointment with one of our practitioners to give your body that boost that it needs. You can do so online by clicking the button below..


Remedies & Supplements That Can Help

There are also some very effective remedies and supplements that you can take to help ease the symptoms of a pine pollen allergy.
Our Pine Pollen Remedy contains homeopathic ingredients to help calm your response to the pollen, and allow your cells to realise that they are safe during this season. This makes all the difference to whether YOUR unique immune system becomes over-reactive, or not.
When combined with our fantastic Smart C Complex, results are even better. Smart C contains vitamin C and bioflavonoids to provide an antihistamine effect, but has the added benefits of mushrooms and beetroot that help support stress, vitamin K to support your blood system and lipoid acid to recycle the vitamin C for longer lasting effects.
Like most environmental allergies, the earlier you get onto it with remedies and supplements, the better the results, and the better chance you have of preventing the symptoms from becoming severe. So for the month of August, we're making these 2 products available as a combo, saving you $12 when you buy them together. 


Save $12 when you purchase Smart C Complex & Pine Pollen Remedy Together.


If you're already taking a good quality Vitamin C that's great - you're halfway there! You can purchase the Pine Pollen Remedy on it's own too and use it together with the Vit C you're already taking. 



We love supporting your body in a way that builds your system and your whole being up, rather than stripping it down with harmful chemicals. If you've been feeling unwell, hopefully this post has come at the right time for you and may be the answer you're looking for.


You're always welcome to give us a call at the clinic on 07 544 1133 if you'd like to chat a bit more about what we do and how we may be able to support you.