“What you put into your body is the difference between healing or hurting it. Knowledge will give you the freedom and empowerment to know you're doing the right thing by your body and family.”

Eating for Wellness

The first step toward excellent nutrition is diet. Your diet simply refers to what you fuel your body with each day. Your food choices determine your body's ability to create enough energy to run your brain, heart, muscles, joints, glands and so on.

Without nutrient dense, pesticide-free, wholefood, this natural energy cannot be used to heal, grow and detoxify.

Many people put very little emphasis on choosing what they feed their body. As long as we feel full, we’re generally satisfied.

Many of us eat and drink to bring us happiness, numb our emotions or because we feel we 'deserve it at the end of a hard day'. Food should not have an emotional attachment - food is fuel!

Understanding this and ignoring the often misleading media-campaigns all around us, are giant leaps toward taking control of your health.

Nutritional Supplements

The area of nutrition also includes nutritional deficiencies that may develop due to bad dietary choices, low soil nutrient levels, toxins or other stresses. There may also be deficiencies at a hormonal level, or in the gut flora, which you may need supplements to rebalance.

At The Healing Room we put a lot of emphasis on finding the specific nutritional need for your unique body. There is no 'one size fits all' remedy.

We pride ourselves in using top nutritional supplements from reputable companies. Those available over-the-counter or at supermarkets are often synthetic chemicals that our bodies struggle to integrate, which can put more stress on our health.

Body Toxicity

We find most people understand the need to supplement deficiencies in our diets, but not many realise how many toxins we’re absorbing daily from our diets and environment.

These may include:

  • Eating or drinking too much of something (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat)
  • Exposure to chemicals on our food, cosmetic and cleaning products, or environmental pollutants
  • Radiation from the electrical devices in our homes and offices, to that circling around us constantly in our greater environment
  • Normal chemicals and hormones you yourself are over producing
  • An excess of certain micro-organisms within your gut and other organs
  • Many of these can be avoided through lifestyle changes, and often we will use dietary adjustments or nutritional supplements to aid the detoxification of these toxins.