What Your Morning Sickness May Be Telling You

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Morning sickness is annoying, and often debilitating. Many of us feel like it's part and parcel of the pregnancy journey. But like all conditions where our body sends us signals in the form of symptoms...it is ALWAYS there for a reason.


You will get told that morning sickness is a great sign because your hormones are pumping…


..and it is for sure!


But it's also your body’s way of asking you to change something about what you are doing so it can maintain these hormones and keep them healthy.


Here’s what your morning sickness might be telling you:


1. You're doing too much


You are now detoxing and growing for two… your body is telling you to slow down and put 15 minute rest breaks into your day as a top priority.


2. Get to bed earlier


While you sleep you detox and grow… get to bed by 9pm during the first trimester.


3. Take the pressure off your liver


What goes into your mouth and onto your skin matters now more than ever. Your baby needs more water, fat, protein and veggies NOT sugar, processed food, coffee and fizzy drinks.


It's also a really good time to look at natural alternatives for your skin/hair/face/nail-care. There is an abundance of natural choices available now for cosmetics, just be sure to check the labels and don't blindly trust a product named "Organic something or other" (they are often very misleading). You are looking for products that are free of parabens, SLES, SES, synthetic frangrances and pretty much any words you can't say (the same rule applies for food labels by the way). Or even better...learn how to make own so you know exactly what's inside.


4. Select your supplements carefully


We don't recommend blindly taking over-the-counter multis, oils, folic acids and iodines. If you don’t need them or they are too hard to breakdown, this may actually be contributing to your morning sickness, not helping it.


Make sure that if you are taking supplements they are clinically researched and get tested to make sure they right for your unique body using a tool like Applied Kinesiology.  Be sure that your practitioner has the skills to select the unique nutrients you and your baby need, in a highly absorbable form so that your liver is less burdened. 



5. Dissolve your fears


We often find that helping people reduce their anxieties or work through deeply instilled fears around bringing a child into the world is the key to switching off the stubborn morning sickness. If you’ve tried everything above, then ask us how Bach Flowers or NET could help you. You can learn more about how NET and bach flowers work here


If you have any questions about your morning sickness, or would like to chat to us about how we can support you to have your healthiest pregnancy for you and your baby, feel free to give us a call on 07 544 1133.