Meet our Chiropractors, Osteopath, Craniosacral, Kinesiologists, Somatic Therapists and Nutriotionists

All of our wonderful practitioners below are highly skilled and use a range of modalities in each of their sessions to support the body holistically.

These include a range of chiropractic techniques, osteopathy, applied kinesiology, N.E.T (Neuro Emotional Technique), somatic therapies, craniosacral release techniques, homeopathic remedies, NZ First Light Essences, nutritional support, supplements, diet recommendations and food intolerance/toxin testing.

They all have a wealth of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of what the body needs to achieve balance, and are committed to continued growth and learning.

Dr Carla Bekker-Smith

MChiro., M.N.Z.C.A., I.M.T.-C., Nutrition

Carla is a South African born Chiropractor, who graduated in 2002 from Durban University of Technology. Growing up on a farm with her family she feels is a strong reason for her desire to have a family based practice with skills to support all family dynamics. Growing up in rural setting has had a big influence on her family values and importance of help in community settings.

Shortly after graduating, Carla lived and worked for 10 years in Hong Kong where she established Balance Health as a complimentary health care centre. This was a dream come true as it was a platform to put patient’s needs first and create a safe environment for healing. As with all health professionals, continued education is an ongoing process; Carla trained in Strain Counter-strain, Cranio-sacral Therapy and then Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) while living in Hong Kong.

Her next 10 years were in Hermanus, South Africa, where she practiced in a busy sports clinic . She has recently moved to Tauranga, New Zealand with her husband and family of five daughters to join the Healing Room. This is a very exciting next step in joining a well-established practice of Chiropractors who are individual, holistic and passionate about patients well-being and health.

Empowerment & Connectedness

"I believe in the body's ability to heal itself, I believe in the power of our mind and our connectedness as humans. We are here to empower each other to reach our potential in health, mental ability and life’s purpose for us.

With the skills and incredible teachers I have had in my career, this is my purpose. It has never been more important than in these changing times." ~ Dr Carla

Dr Kellee Fisher

BChiro, Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Kellee, a graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, understands that our bodies are always trying to maintain harmony and balance and through her own health journey found that chiropractic care allowed her body to not only heal but expand her health potential.

Kellee had a holistic upbringing and was inspired by her mother to pursue a career in natural health care from a young age. Checked by a chiropractor since she was 9 years old, she is very humbled to be back in the Bay of Plenty serving her community.

Kellee is ridiculously passionate about empowering those around her to have a more sustainable journey in health. She has a huge passion for paediatric and pregnancy chiropractic. But believes everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.

Kellee uses a range of techniques at The Healing Room to help assist the body into a more well state. Kellee loves helping people feel their best through natural, safe healthcare and believes that balancing both emotional and physical well being is the key to sustainable health.

When Dr. Kellee is not at the Healing Room she can be found hiking, making the most of our beautiful New Zealand walks, horse riding, creating nourishing food, relaxing at the beach and spending time with friends and family.

Compassion & Wisdom

"My purpose at The Healing Room is to guide people towards a state of wholeness. I've noticed in my own exploration, that whenever we experience ourselves through the lens of awareness and compassion - remarkable and beautiful changes happen. I have an unwavering faith in human potential. I know there is tremendous wisdom within your experience, and within you. Whatever you're going through - you're not broken. Let's change these wounds into gifts that you can share with the world." ~ Dr Kellee

Dr Kristy Watton

BChiro., M.N.Z.C.A., Nutrition

Dr Kristy Watton, a graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, developed a love for chiropractic during her teenage years following a back injury whilst playing squash.

She has a huge passion for children and family chiropractic and believes everyone can benefit from gentle, specific chiropractic care.

Her values sit heavily with family and friends, and much of her time outside of The Healing room is spent cherishing this time.

Having grown up in Whangamata, her passions lie near the beach and being outdoors, which has made her the grounded, easy-going person that she is.

Balance & Support

"My purpose at The Healing Room is to support and nourish people who are accountable and proactive on their health journey. I love being a partner with my clients on their health journey, understanding them at a deep level, and being able to provide exactly what they need at any given time." ~ Dr Kristy

Caron Shallish

Osteopath (BSc. (Hons) Ost - UK), MOCNZ, Visceral & Cranial, Kinesiology, Nutritionist

Caron, is a graduate of Osteopathy at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, where she lived for 8 years. Originally from South Africa, Caron graced our New Zealand shores 13 years ago.

Caron believes Osteopathy to be an extremely rewarding career, with a background in IT before becoming an Osteo, Caron understands mechanisms and how this translates within the bodies health. Caron believes the body has everything it needs to heal itself and the role of the practitioner is to find health and how best to get the body to heal itself. Nutrition and nutritional supplements play a huge part in healing from the inside. Osteopathy is very holistic in terms of approach and is about listening, not only to what you are saying verbally, but also to what your body is saying through a sense of touch. By feeling what the body needs and using a range of gentle cranial, fascial and gentle mobilisation techniques, from working with the nervous system to an adjustment if that is what your body mechanisms need

Caron uses a blend of techniques at The Healing Room including osteopathy, craniosacral, fascia release, kinesiology and nutrition to assist the body connection in becoming a whole entity for healing. Working on the premise that we are an integrated system, and if you try to separate your body from the rest of you may struggle to heal. Caron loves helping people to understand how the mind, diet and lifestyle impact the body, and by supporting the whole body connection both internal and external through food and supplements are integral keys to your health.

Caron loves nature and the great outdoors, when she is not at the Healing Room she can be found making the most of NZ's mountains, cycling tracks and walking her bearded collie, Rosie. She also has a passion for photography and home renovations.

Connection & Balance

"My purpose at The Healing Room is to help people become aware of the healing abilities they have within themselves. To show them health and connect them on a self discovery, self healing journey towards a state of whole body wellness. I find it fascinating that we can put people on the moon but do not know how to feed, nurture and care for ourselves." ~ Caron

Dr Jolanta Williams (Founder, Currently on Leave)

BChiro., I.C.A.K.A., M.N.Z.C.A.

At 9 years old, Jolanta's mum took her to see her local chiropractor who specialized in applied kinesiology, and she knew by the time she left that office that chiropractic was going to be her future.

Jolanta graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2005 and has not stopped learning since. She has since become certified in applied kinesiology and also completed seminars in neuro emotive technique (NET), nutrition, Bach flower remedies and various structural chiropractic techniques including cranial release techniques and Retained Primitive Reflexes.

Jolanta lives the lessons she teaches and is always her own first guinea pig to prove that something really works! She believes that life is about balance. A balance of stress, fun, relaxation and love. A balance of body, mind, spirit and nutrition. Our job at The Healing Room is to direct the body in removing any interference to this balance.

Love & Empowerment

"My purpose at The Healing Room is to create a space where people can come to feel totally accepted and cherished. Where their worries and anxieties can be expressed and heard without judgement, and responded to with total heart and empathy. My desire is to empower people, especially women, to not only trust their bodies, but listen to them and begin to understand its language. I intend to disentangle the complexities of their health puzzle and lay it out simply for them to comprehend and invest in - with their whole being." ~ Dr Jolanta

Meet Our Emotional Healing Therapist

Debbie Turbitt

BA(Psych), Embodied Processing, Root Cause Therapy, Trauma-Informed Coaching, Time Line Therapy, NLP

Debbie graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2002 at Auckland University. She went on to work as a social worker in Australia working with teens involved in the criminal justice system and their families.

After having starting her family in 2011, Debbie decided to take a break from such emotionally deep work to concentrate on growing her little whānau. She immersed herself in her other passion, the wonderful world of holistic health, which is how she came to join our team 5 years ago.

Debbie was given the gift of breast cancer in 2020, after losing her father, step-father and god-mother to cancer. During her own healing journey, she became very interested in the role of trauma and unresolved or “trapped" emotions in the development of dis-ease and unhelpful life patterns and beliefs. She believes wholeheartedly that her purpose in life is to help others free themselves from trauma and trapped emotions, using somatic therapies and tapping into the mind-body connection.

Debbie is certified in Embodied Processing, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Root Cause Therapy and Trauma-Informed Coaching. She believes that she will never stop learning and growing, and continues to study and learn helpful tools and understandings that can support both her own healing and her work with others.

**Please note that Debbie is not a registered Psychologist or Counsellor but rather a member of the International Member of Complementary Therapies.

Nurturance & Freedom

"My purpose at The Healing Room is provide a safe and nurturing space for people to find freedom from the emotional traumas that have been limiting their lives. We can’t work with the physical body while ignoring the mind and spirit, and we can’t work with the mind while ignoring the body (and spirit!). We are beautiful whole beings, and it’s only once we embrace this that can we find true freedom and lasting change." ~ Deb

Meet Our Admin Team

Angie Howard

Practice Coordinator

Originally from the UK, Angie has been a Kiwi for almost 20years. Having lived 18 of those in the beautiful lakes and mountain towns of Queenstown & Wanaka

Angie joins us with an extensive background in holistic health and wellness. Angie has worked in the health supplement and nutritional foods industries. She has managed a holistic health and wellness centre and managed sales and marketing for multiple wellness organisations, her passion for all things holistic health and wellness really shines through. Prior to her career in holistic health Angie managed reservations teams and event management on a global scale.

On a path of self discovery Angie found herself in her own eat, pray and self love journey in Bali, Thailand & Sri Lanka. Here she retrained as a Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Somatic & Emotional Release Therapist, and runs in person and online courses as an international therapist and advocate for empowering peoples beliefs and behaviours, especially around their physical and mental health.

Empowerment & Awareness

"My purpose at The Healing Room is provide support for our beautiful clients along with the admin team and our practitioners. ," ~ Angie

Juilianna Lodge

Administration Assistant

Julianna has been involved in the health industry for many years. Starting her journey in the early 90s working alongside Naturopaths and Herbalists, her interests in promoting and achieving good health blossomed.

This lead her to managing organic stores, selling and promoting natural skincare, supplements and into writing health and wellbeing articles for a local magazine and health store.

After having her 2 children she decided to finally take the time to complete a course in Natural Health Science. This led to many new interests that grew into starting a small business in aromatherapy healing, ranging from making skin care and home care products, crystal healing and elixirs.

Since finding The Healing Room she is excited to be surrounded by like-minded practitioners promoting wellness naturally.

Julianna prides herself on customer service, establishing an important rapport and relationship with our cherished customers.

Outside of work Julianna spends time in her studio if not creating art she is making her own remedies for friends and family. The most important time spent is with her kids, husband and much loved new puppy.

Connection & Service

"My purpose at The Healing Room is provide ...... Living by the beach enables a blissful and thankful existence. I feel very blessed. I am excited for the future and look forward to continuing my health journey and the directions it takes me" ~ Julianna

Carley Henderson

Administration Assistant

A born and bred kiwi, Carley is loving being home after living in Australia for the past 14 years. Carley has worked in administration and accounts for many years. With a passion for natural health and herbal medicine, working for The Healing Room is like dream come true for her.

Carley has now almost finished her certification as a Mindfulness Coach so she can help others in the technique of being present and reducing stress and anxiety.

Carley loves living out in the beautiful countryside of Oropi with her family, growing her own produce and enjoying the local native bush walks New Zealand has to offer.

Compassion & Empathy

"My purpose at the Healing Room is to support people with compassion & understanding. Being considerate and caring for other people and leading with kindness to create and maintain an environment of trust, safety, belonging and inclusion. There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up" ~ Carley

Emma Ward

Accounts Administration

You will find Emma behind the scenes at The Healing Room, managing our accounts, payroll, and all your ACC claims. Emma has been involved in accounts, administration and office management for her whole career. With her keen eye for detail and knack for numbers, she ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, allowing our team to focus on providing you with the very best care.

When she's not meticulously crunching numbers, Emma loves spending time with her family and getting outdoors to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Emma has a passion for holistic health and wellness. With herself and family members being regulars to The Healing Room long before she became a valued member of our team.

Integrity & Passion

"My purpose at the Healing Room is to support the financial wellbeing of our business and clients. I love what The Healing Room offers its patients and it's great being involved in such a dynamic business. - Emma