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Is pain and discomfort such a normal and regular part of life for you that you carry pain relief or “anti-inflammatories” in your handbag?


Have you ever considered that this is not actually normal...and that you shouldn’t have to do this?


Daily consumption of pain relief is “normal” for a massive proportion of society. One in four people use anti-inflammatories on a regular basis. 


Yet, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are responsible for 30% of hospital admissions for adverse reactions, mainly due to bleeding, heart attack, stroke, and renal damage.


What most people don’t realise is that inflammation has a really important function in the body. It’s there to alert us to the fact that there is a problem, so that we can rest and take the steps necessary to HEAL.



Instead, most people will take NSAIDs the minute any pain arises, ignoring the problem that the inflammation was signalling to, and instead masking the discomfort so that they can continue their normal routines…


Yet it’s these normal routines that may have been the cause for the inflammation in the first place.


By masking the discomfort and ignoring the underlying problem, we only leave the problem to fester inside the body...getting worse as the body struggles to cope...manifesting perhaps in a different part of the body or as different symptoms. 


We need to listen to our bodies. 


They have incredible power to heal themselves when we get out of the way. Think about how our bodies can actually heal a cut or a wound. When the wound is kept clean and the immune system is working well, our bodies do exactly what they need to do all by themselves. 


But let’s not get confused about the damaging effects of ongoing inflammation.


Although inflammation has an important function in the body, it’s designed to be a short-term alarm system - signalling to us that we need to take action to bring our bodies back into balance. 


Chronic and ongoing inflammation is very detrimental to our health. We need to take steps to reduce inflammation in our bodies naturally and choose foods and make lifestyle choices that don’t cause unnecessary inflammation.


Unfortunately though, the answer is not simply taking anti-inflammatories. The answer is getting to the cause of the problem and nurturing our bodies so that they can heal. 




So how do we help our bodies to heal naturally?


1. The food we eat is a major part of the picture


We get out of our bodies what we put into them.


Just as a petrol car needs petrol to run...our bodies need good quality, fresh, nutrient-dense, non-toxic foods as fuel. 


But unlike a petrol car that’s been filled with diezel, our breakdown may occur years down the track, which is why many people can ignore this in the short-term.


But rest assured...a break down WILL occur and it will be far harder to reverse the damage than it would have been to look after ourselves in the first place. 


Eating a variety of good quality vegetables in every meal is a good start to decreasing the inflammation in your body naturally. As well as minimising inflammatory foods like refined sugar, gluten and dairy in our diet too.


2. Regular chiropractic care helps our bodies to heal naturally


Chiropractic care improves the communication between our brain and all the functions and organs of the body, by removing any blockages within this communication system (which is actually the nervous system).


When messages can travel freely from our brain along our nervous system to the parts of our body that are responsible for healing...our bodies get to do what they are naturally designed to do.



3. Drink plenty of good quality water


Drinking a good amount of water is just as important as a healthy diet and regular chiropractic care. We think of water merely as “hydration” but have you ever thought about what this actually means and why we need it so much to survive (and thrive)? 


Water is vital for flushing harmful substances from our bodies. This flushing out works in 3 stages, and it’s important that we consume enough water to allow all 3 stages to happen they are all just as critical for good health and disease prevention as each other. 


The first thing water does is clears metabolic waste which is a byproduct produced by all the organs in your body by just doing what they do on a daily basis.


Once it has done this (and if there is enough water still entering the body) the water is used to flush out environmental toxins that have been ingested, absorbed or inhaled in the previous 24hours. 


Once both of those have been cleared efficiently, the water enables the body to clear our what we call “healing waste”. This consists of dead or expired cells which can be highly inflammatory and cause major health problems if not flushed out. *


Drinking AT LEAST 2L of water a day is absolutely necessary for the first two stages above, but it’s the third litre of water that allows the third stage - the healing stage - to happen. 


These 3 things - eating nutrient-dense non-toxic foods, getting regular chiropractic care and drinking enough water - are crucial for being able to live a healthy and vibrant life well into our golden years.


Healthy ageing is an accumulation of the choices we make every day throughout our lives. Your future self with thank you for the decisions you make TODAY.


* The recommended daily intake of water varies depending on your weight. Speak to us at The Healing Room if you are unsure how much water you should be drinking.



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