5 Steps to a Healthy Immune System During Pregnancy

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August 2, 2019
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August 21, 2019

Why do I catch everything while I’m pregnant?


What does happen to our immune system while we’re pregnant? Blogs and media tell us to be careful of our “low immunity” while pregnant, but is this the case? 


Let me try to clear up the cloud around this concept...


Your immune system, when working optimally, swings like a see-saw depending on what threat it is working on at the time. If your intestines are threatened by an overgrowth of worms…it will swing one way to eliminate these. If you have a virus like the flu, it will swing the other way. 


While you are pregnant however, your immune system must stay swung towards one side of the see-saw CONSTANTLY so that it doesn’t start attacking your beautiful growing child… how smart is this?




Unfortunately the way that it swings means that you great at eliminating worms and parasites, but less capable of minimizing threats like viruses, bacteria, fungus and tumors…


So the main focus needs to be keeping your immune system supported as much as possible overall while you’re pregnant, so that these threats can’t even make it through the front door ;-)


5 Steps to Healthy Immune System During Pregnancy:


1. Cut out sugar


Sugar feeds bugs. It doesn’t matter what you have – from fungus growing on your skin, to the common cold – sugar will make your infection more severe.


So stick to meats, veges, fruit (limit to 2 pieces daily), whole grains (like rice, oats, quinoa), legumes (like beans, lentils) and broths while you’re pregnant.


2. Take Cod Liver Oil


Boost your fat soluble vitamins, which are so key in a healthy immune system, through taking a daily Cod Liver supplement. Our grandparents did it, they knew its benefits, but we aren’t so great at taking slippery liquids these days ;-/ We sell a great brand that is easily palatable… my kids plead me for it!


3. Schedule in Rest


Schedule rest into every day, and then especially during the 1st and 3rd trimesters also schedule in nana naps in the afternoon. 


This is SUCH a priority while pregnant, for your adrenal health, mental health, baby’s growth and development and your immune system. 


I know what it’s like to be a busy mummy – time to nap and rest seems impossible! 


But a rest can be as simple as pouring yourself a hot drink, sitting out on the deck for 2 minutes with your eyes closed, and soaking up your surroundings with some full deep breaths. 



If resting is not your strong  point, try making yourself a list of what you can do for 5-10 minutes to feel rested. 


Remember, a chiropractic adjustment is as good as a rest!! It will reset your nervous system and often stops the flighty feeling that stops you from finding your stillness.


4. Lower your stress


Stress, worries, pressures, fears...I’m not sure I’ve met one pregnant woman who isn’t battling their fair share of these. 


Stress is one of the main causes of morning sickness, lowered immunity and mental fatigue in pregnancy – so if you are battling these, it’s important to get support.


Talk about your worries, share your fears, ask for help and delegate the tasks you can no longer cope with. EEEK Uncomfortable I know! 


It’s hard to be vulnerable and allow others to help, but your life will be changed as a mum when you can. If there is no one you can trust with your fears and worries, come talk to us at The Healing Room about how we support mums and mums-to-be to manage their emotional stress through Bach Flowers and Neuro-Emotional Technique. 


5. Get your body checked for deficiencies at The Healing Room


If you’re coming in for monthly checks at The Healing Room while pregnant, you won’t fall into the trap of giving all your important nutrients across to bubs and having none left for yourself. The need for nutrients like zinc, vitamin D, iron, iodine and vitamin B12 fluctuate from month to month in your pregnancy, and we will let you know when your stores are getting low. 


Remember, eating whole foods and a variety of fresh vegetables will come a long way in nourishing your immune system – supplements should only be taken on top of a great meal-plan. 


x Dr Jolanta (B.Chiro)


PS. A healthy, comfortable pregnancy is dependent on what you do every day to keep yourself well. Check out our video blog Prenatal Exercises for a Comfortable Pregnancy for simple daily exercises to increase flexiblity and reduce discomfort during pregnancy.