Dr Jolanta’s Keto Green Breakfast Smoothie

Dairy Free Pesto 3 Ways (DF, GF, V, RSF)
October 28, 2020

We’re into that cooler season where much of your food should now be cooked and warm, to take the pressure off your liver and to boost your winter energy levels.


Personally, I’m struggling with this in between weather, where I don’t feel like raw veggies any longer, but I’m not quite ready for a cooked breakfast. It’s a funny in between time… And I wondered how many of you are feeling just as uninspired by your breakfast?


Here is a breakfast option that our family just can’t get enough of right now, and maybe it’s that in between step of an easily digestible, middle-road option - a keto smoothie.


I personally love keto cos I hate being hungry, and having lulls in my energy. Keto keeps me going steadily all day long - sometimes I get to 3pm and I’m still not hungry!

So how do you make a smoothie keto? Well get away from the fruit smoothie concept - this you’ll burn through in an hour and be hungry again. Here’s what is in my smoothie… I throw any combo of these in, and often all of it! But choose what you like and swap out what you don’t for a similar alternative. 


Green Smoothie Recipe:


400ml water (more or less to vary consistency)

2 scoops pea protein pwd (we love Clean Lean Protein)

1 whole avocado (mine are frozen free-flow in freezer to save time)

2 heaped Tbsp coconut oil

1Tbsp nut or seed butter

1 stem kale/mint/silverbeet  (or whatever’s green in your garden!)

1tsp slippery elm (heal that gut for winter)

1 dose electrolytes or 1/2 tsp good quality salt

1 tsp of favourite greens powder (barley grass/ wheat grass/ broccoli sprout etc - awesome alkaliser)

1-3 medjool dates to sweeten (decrease this as you get used to a non-sweet smoothie)

1 dose of passion for an awesome, energetic day ahead!!


If you aren’t chocka full after this… well then I want your metabolism please!!!!


xx Dr Jolanta (Chiropractor)