Stress is a major factor contributing to much of our ill health in the western world. The high pace of our current society, demands that we evolve mentally and emotionally much faster than we are humanly capable. The result is anxiety, depression, physical aches and pains, chemical imbalances and organ dysfunction.

It’s important to remember the relationship between our physical structure, chemistry and emotions. Just as stress can cause muscle tension or nutritional deficiencies; toxicities or structural imbalances can cause stress and anxiety. We use Applied Kinesiology to find and correct your body’s primary area of concern and help you to adapt to your stresses more easily.

There are two main techniques used at The Healing Room to address this emotional component of our health.

Neuro-emotional Technique

Neuro-emotional Technique (NET) is a mind-body stress-reduction technique. All of our practitioners have completed NET training and use it to find and remove brain imbalances that may be related to unresolved stress. In doing this we help your body to remove any emotional blocks to the natural healing of your body.

Emotional responses like stress, sadness and anxiety release chemicals into the body. These same chemicals and emotional responses even happen when you recall a stressful event. They can even be triggered by unrelated events as your brain makes an unconscious connection. So the stress of one event can cause ongoing stress in your body.

NET may help to release these unresolved stresses from the body which can help with depression, anxiety, pain, exhaustion and many specific health conditions.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies were developed by Dr Bach in 1928 when he realised that medical doctors were so focused on the diseases that they forgot about the people suffering them. Dr Bach believed that illness was the effect of disharmony between body and mind.

Through treating his patients he found the 38 remedies that make up the Bach Flower set. Rescue Remedy is the most commonly recognised combination of Bach flowers.

We use these remedies frequently at The Healing Room as they provide gentle yet often instant relief from the modern day stresses we experience.