Detoxing for Weightloss

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August 12, 2018
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September 17, 2018

Far too many people today still think that fad diets are the way to go to lose weight. But although many fad diets today are pretty healthy ways to eat (and sadly many still are not!), the biggest problem with them is that they are just that…fads. Things that we do for a short period of time and then go straight back to our old habits. Often putting on more weight than what they were carrying when they started.

But what is the problem with carrying a lot of weight anyway? We should love ourselves just the way we are shouldn’t we? 
Our biggest wish for you and every single beautiful person on this planet is that you love yourself inside and out, through and through and exactly because you are the beautiful, unique being that you are.
The reality is that carrying extra weight is REALLY bad for us.
It overburdens our cardiovascular system. It places extra strain on our organs, bones and joints. It interferes with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  And it often prevents us from doing a lot of the things we love.
And let’s face it…it can have a massive impact on our self-esteem. 
But the biggest problem is that the food that makes us fat - sugar, unhealthy fats, refined foods - are nothing but poison to our bodies. They make us feel awful precisely because our bodies are stressed out and signaling to us that the stuff we are putting into our bodies is POISONING US. 
Sadly, many people who eat these foods on a regular basis don’t even realise how awful they feel…because they don’t know how good they should be feeling.
Feeling sluggish, exhausted, low in energy, irritable, reoccurring headaches, hormonal imbalances, low immune systems, thyroid issues, sugar cravings - these are not normal.
And these things can usually be corrected by changing our diets.
In November 2017 we ran a “detox challenge” on Facebook to help people make some life-changing alterations to their diets and lifestyles. Because we want people to feel how amazing it feels to feel amazing! 
We called it a "detox" because changing to healthier ways of eating involves getting rid of the poisons that are in our pantries, in our kids' lunch boxes and sadly, on 80% of the shelves in our grocery stores.
Unfortunately, because of irresponsible advertising, many people don’t even realise that the foods they have been eating and feeding to their kids are totally void of nutrients and are loaded with sugar and poisonous “numbers” which have no business being in our foods. 
And getting rid of all of this rubbish is a detox for our bodies.
But unlike most “detoxes” we didn’t want people to go straight back to their old habits. We hoped that the information they learned during the detox became their norm. A way of being. That feeling amazing became their norm. That is our wish for you too ❤️
Anyone is welcome to join the Facebook Group here and go through the detox. Although each of the videos are packed with information in themselves so watching any of them will do nothing but help you, even if you chose not to do the full program. 
We have shared the first 2 videos below.
The first is about what to cut out of our diets. You may be surprised at some of the things you learn in this video. Most people are!
Yes, we know you may be thinking “well what’s left”. We had many comments from people saying they’re afraid that if they cut out all of that there will be nothing left. Well, after telling you about all the things you should not be eating (yes there are a lot), we’re going to tell you about all the wonderful, nutritious, DELICIOUS food you should be eating. And yes…there are a lot too :) 
Watch as Dr Jolanta breaks it down in the video below...
After watching those videos, if you implement these eating habits into your lives, and especially if you add movement (wonderful, glorious EXERCISE) into your lifestyle, unless you have other major health complications going on, we can pretty much guarantee that you will lose weight. 
Why not head on over and join our facebook group here. We recommend watching the Preparing To Eat Right video next. And if you’d like to follow the detox, all you need to do it use the search term #THRChallengeDay and then add the corresponding day (#THRChallengeDay1, #THRChallengeDay2, #THRChallengeDay3 etc.)
Please remember that the videos were created as part of a live group. Unfortunately the offers Dr Jolanta mentions in the videos are no longer applicable, and some of the videos are Facebook Live videos so there are a couple of minutes at the beginning where she may be waiting for people to come on to the video or answering questions.