Chiropractic Techniques We Use at The Healing Room

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We get a lot of questions about what chiropractic techniques we use and why. So we have done a little breakdown of some of the techniques that we use here for you...



You may have seen these around our practice before, or have had one used on you. (Yes, the pink one is just a toy for the kids to play with!). We use 'low-force techniques’ – such as the activator on babies, children, elderly and sensitive subluxations. This is a very gentle tool used to remove interferences through the nervous system. This really means that less depth or body movement is experienced during the correction.


We also use other low-force techniques including trigger point and toggle technique.


Thompson Technique/Drop Table

We all utilise Thompson technique and the use of the drop table within practice. Thompson technique is an amazing technique that has an extensive system of analysing how the spine is functioning. We utilise the tables, as below – which use pieces of the table that drop away to provide a gentle, comfortable adjustment to the spine.


Sacro-Occipital Technique (S.O.T)


This is a very specific and gentle technique that can use these blocks, which you may have seen around. Often children like to use these as car ramps, however they have a very important use when adjusting the spine! This technique works primarily on the relationship between the occiput (base of skull) and the sacrum (base of the spine).


Diversified/ Gonstead Techniques

We also utilise  high-velocity adjustments, meaning fast not forceful. Techniques we use from this group are Diversified and Gonstead techniques. Diversified is a technique that works to allow normal motion through a joint, therefore influencing the nervous system.

Gonstead technique, another manual technique we utilise within practice works to support the structural aspect of the spine, along with influencing the intervertebral discs that sit between the boney vertebrae.


Pregnancy–based Techniques

We see a lot of pregnant woman within our practice, which require individualised care dependant on what stage they are at through their pregnancy.

We use special pillows to allow a pregnant mother to feel completely comfortable on the table. We work specifically to support comfort through the spinal system, along with the soft tissue structures that change so dramatically through pregnancy – through the belly, and entire spine. Websters technique is hugely beneficial throughout pregnancy and is a technique that is utilised at every visit when seeing someone throughout pregnancy.

We hope you have a better understanding now of some of the tools and techniques we use and why. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the techniques we use.


Please feel free to get in touch with us on 07 544 1133 if you have any questions about specific chiropractic tools and techniques, or about chiropractic care itself and how it may be able to help you.