Scroll down to learn about the different appointment types we offer. 


Initial Consultation


If you've never been to see us before, the first step is to book an Initial Consultation.


In this 1 hour appointment, our practitioners use their chiropractic or osteopathic and Applied Kinesiology assessments to check "under the hood" of your body from head to toe. This initial assessment gives the practitioner all the information they need to begin their work with you, providing you with the best care possible for your unique body. 


The appointment following this will be your Care Plan Visit - where you'll receive a written report of all of the practitioner's findings and a plan of action for your care (your Care Plan). Once your practitioner has gone through the report with you, you will have your first full holistic session of care during this appointment. Get ready to be nourished and nurtured from the inside out!


The cost of the Initial Consultation is $220 and the Follow Up Visit is $155 (with longer appointments available if required).


Holistic Chiropractic or Osteopath Consultation


This appointment is our standard holistic appointment with one of our chiropractors or osteopaths to ensure your health is fully supported in the 4 pillars of structure, nutrition, emotional and spiritual health. We recommend this appointment if you're looking to constantly grow and heal, or maintain a high level of vitality and wellness. We address any obstacles holding you back from thriving, while keeping you empowered with understanding how your entire body is functioning.


During a wellness appointment we check and adjust the spine and cranium, use fascial  and visceral release, use NZ Flower Essence remedies, test for the need of Neuro Emotional Technique, use Applied Kinesiology to scan and correct all priorities that present themselves in your unique body and usually send you away with any supplements needed and some take-home changes to implement.


The cost of this appointment is $89 for 20min (can be booked as 20min, 30min, 40min, 60min, 90min or 120min, billed accordingly).


Structural Chiropractic Consultation


This appointment is our standard structural appointment. We recommend this appointment if you're looking to just address some physical challenges, have a catch-up session between your wellness appointments or have a recent injury you are dealing with. 

During a structural appointment we can check and adjust the spine, extremities and / or cranial (skull).

The cost for this 10min appointment is $50.


Family Hour (Existing Patients)


Support your whole family with an hour of healing. We can check between 2-4 family members (one adult and up to 3 kids, or 4 kids) within this time, depending on your needs. This is for the busy family, where funds currently don’t stretch to a full Wellness appointment for each family member. We would rather get our hands on and support you all, than you have to choose who most deserves our care!


Everyone will have their spine checked and adjusted, get NZ Flower Essence remedies, and receive our Applied Kinesiology body scan where we will address the priority at this time.


Cost of this 1 hour appointment is $230 for 2-4 family members (one adult and up to 3 kids, or 4 kids).


Emotional Healing Therapy


Our Emotional Healing Therapist draws upon the latest research in trauma and trauma recovery, blending modalities such as somatic experiencing, Embodied Processing, Root Cause Therapy, mindfulness, Polyvagal theory (nervous system regulation), Compassionate Enquiry and parts work to support emotional, physical and spiritual healing on the deepest level. 

The cost of this appointment is $130 (60min) or $180 (90min).

Phone or Online Consultations


Online/phone appointments are available if you are unable to attend the clinic in person. 

The cost of this appointment is $105 (30min) or $64 (20min).


Please call us on 07 544 1133 or email us if you'd like to book an online/phone consult.