“Our mission at The Healing Room is to create a passionate and inspiring health centre that provides holistic care with compassion and energy, while always striving for excellence.”

We are often well enough to escape our mainstream health system but still don’t truly feel healthy and happy.

The Healing Room was developed because we wanted to create an holistic healthcare centre in Tauranga that doesn’t just cater for “sick” people, but supports the making of vital, vibrant, fulfilled and energetic people who love living their lives to the fullest.

After years of just treating the “structure” of the body as chiropractors, we have all come to realise that we can’t just treat one aspect of the body on its own. Everything is interrelated - our structure, nutrition, toxicity, stress levels and emotional health. We need to treat our bodies as whole.

We look at each of our clients as a unique individuals with your own set of challenges and needs, rather than putting you into boxes and treating you with a “one size fits all” approach.

We’ve have created a place for sick people to feel well but also well people to feel amazing.

What to Expect

At The Healing Room our chiropractors address dietary requirements, nutritional deficits, food sensitivities, environmental toxicities, hormonal imbalances, joint dysfunction, muscle tension, past and present emotional traumas and unhealthy belief systems.

The Healing Room offers a wonderful team in a relaxed environment with plenty of parking. Each appointment will ensure an understanding of what is going on in your body and provide you with answers to, often long unanswered, questions.

Techniques We Use

The diverse package of techniques utilised at The Healing Room include:

  • Diversified and SOT techniques
  • Activator and Thompson techniques
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK)
  • Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Neuro Organisational Technique (NOT)
  • Total Body Modification (TBM)
  • Retained Primitive Reflexes (RNRs)
  • Bach Flower remedies
  • Cranial Release techniques