Our Services

Based in Hairini, Tauranga, our team of chiropractors work alongside you using chiropractic, applied kinesiology, nutrition and emotional release techniques, to truly address the deeper issues and causes behind your health concerns.

You are a unique, complex and interconnected being. We look at the whole picture - the physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual - peeling back the layers like an onion so that we can help you to activate your potential within and be the happiest, healthiest you.


Chiropractors help you to identify what is dulling down the communication between your brain and body, interfering with optimal health, happiness and energy.

Applied Kinesiology Dr Kristy Watton 2

Applied Kinesiology

We use muscle testing as one of our tools to allow your body to guide our practitioners to the deeper causes of your ailments.

Nutritional Health

What you choose to eat or avoid putting into your body, creates the building blocks to either a healthy body and mind - or not.

Emotional Health

Processing stressful experiences and changing the story in your head, can free you to grow and heal not only your mind but your body too.

About Us

We’re a family-oriented team of chiropractors in Tauranga who are passionate about living ordinary lives with extraordinary health.

We develop genuine, caring relationships with our clients and are 100% committed to supporting you.

We promise to:

  • Provide professional guidance with compassion
  • Be attentive and make sure you are truly heard
  • Empower you with the knowledge, tools and understanding for positive change
  • Provide a family friendly environment, where you feel safe, warmly welcomed and truly valued

Our Blog

We love continually learning and up-skilling with the latest in research. What use is knowledge if we can’t share it? Our passion is to help each of you by sharing information that is in our heads, which should be available to all in our amazing community. We all deserve optimal health.